Hi, sugar :)

Published October 17, 2011 by ciannucci

Hi friends! Well, welcome to my very first blog ever! I have recently been reading some friends blogs and was inspired to create my own. I guess I should start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a 23 year old teacher from Connecticut with many different hobbies and passions. I wanted to center my blog around one of my favorite past-times which happens to be baking. Besides spending at least ten hours a day in a third grade classroom doing a million things at once, I try to fit in some time to relax and enjoy this busy, chaotic life. I have been a dancer for as long as I can remember and I truly believe there isn’t anything more satisfying and liberating than taking your shoes off and just moving to the music.

When I am not teaching or dancing, you could also find me in the kitchen baking up some of my family and friends favorite treats. Recently, I have ironically become even more interested in creating new desserts, trying new recipes, and of course, tasting all my creations. I say ironically because I have lost 40 pounds since March. Yes, I know…March was not that long ago. Perhaps it was the absence of my favorite goodies throughout the 8 months that has caused me to take a serious interest in baking. However, I have always loved my desserts…which is probably the reason I needed to lose 40 pounds to begin with! (ha.)

So now I am here, telling you about my love for baking which leads me into the next idea. I have recently decided to take my passion for baking to the next level. I am looking to help out friends and family in the community with their holiday and event baking. More on this to come 😉

So this is it. My first blog is done. I guess I will finish writing my lesson plans, while my pumpkin chocolate chip cake is cooling on the counter just waiting for its cream cheese frosting.

May your night be sweet,



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