No school? More time to bake…

Published November 2, 2011 by ciannucci

The october 29th snow storm was a complete shock. I have to admit, I was a nay-sayer. I didn’t believe it would accumulate to anything serious but boy was I wrong. That night, the restaurant I work for closed and we lost power, along with the million other residents in CT. My parents are I were down for a good time so we strapped on our halloween costumes and went to a halloween party, danced all night, ate good food, and enjoyed the heat while we could! Luckily…very luckily, we got power back that night. Unlike the thousands who are still without power 5 days later…I must say I know how it feels. We were without power for a week during hurricane Irene and it was AWFUL. We welcome friends and family for hot showers, food, and beds.

So while I was a nay-sayer about the storm…I was also a nay-sayer about districts canceling schools. I just didn’t think it would happen. Well, here it is…Wednesday and guess what? I have not had school yet. I don’t even have school tomorrow. I was SO disappointed on Monday when I heard the news because I spent all day on Sunday making my class yummy treats. It started with the halloween dirt cups. Layers of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, oreo pudding, oreos, whip cream, and melted chocolate. Oh and of course they were topped with witches hats (e.l. fudge cookies flipped over with a hershey kiss on top). Then I continued onto the homemade butterfingers. It was my first time making them and they came out AWESOME! I will be making more tomorrow :). Then I made halloween themed cupcakes. I spent about 7 hours in the kitchen and about 55 dollars. But I knew it would be worth it to see my kids enjoying their halloween.

But what happens? Ohhh nooo. October turns into snowtober and ruins my good time. I knew my goodies would be fine until Tuesday and even Wednesday. But like I said, here I am on Wednesday sitting home writing this. And those goodies are in my fridge rotting away. I am sending them with my mom to work tomorrow so at least SOMEONE can enjoy them. Usually snow days excite me…but not when I have fun activities planned!

So what do you do with four random days off when you don’t have a single thing planned and you left your work at work unknowing school would be cancelled for a week? The good news is… I was forced to relax. I booked a massage, have been to the gym three times, cooked dinner for my family every night, and even did some christmas shopping. (hey…ya gotta start somewhere). And of course…I BAKED.

Today I made power cookies. These are not cookies you make just to enjoy for dessert. They are meant to be a snack to boost your energy. They were a part of the diet my mom and I were on. They are SUPER expensive due to the ridiculous number of ingredients in them. But, they are healthy and they do the trick. I always make a double dose and freeze them so that my mom and I can take one to work every day. Every batch lasts us about three weeks. We we are set for a good month and a half.

I am going to boston this weekend with my family and my best friend to take my brothers wine tour. His business is thriving and I am so proud for all that he has accomplished. And I can’t wait to take the tour myself. Anyways, I promised my friend I would pack us some nom noms. Tomorrow will be spent creating new treats for our trip.

I guess that is it for now. Stay warm…and sweet 🙂


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