Recipe for Friendship….Then, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Published January 13, 2012 by ciannucci

For once, I am going to write. Don’t worry I’ll leave you a recipe but here are some thoughts today…

Ever just play around while baking or cooking? When I am baking I usually have my music playing and I dance around the kitchen. Baking has definitely become my stress-reliever, if you will. Whenever I am feeling anxious I have learned to turn to baking to calm down and clear my head. There is something about the aroma of melting chocolate floating through my house that puts a smile on my face. It’s that warm, cozy feeling. The kind you have when you are wrapped up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea, watching a movie while the snow is falling outside. There’s nothing else like that feeling. Relaxed, at peace…..happy. A feeling we would all like to feel more of.

I decided in college that happiness was a choice. You can choose to be happy with everything wonderful in your life, or you could choose to harp on the negative feelings. I had some friendships that caused me to feel pressure, stress, and tension. You know the kind of people that you tiptoe around because you’re afraid to break their mood? Yeah that was me….tiptoeing. Then I woke up and realized…what is the point of bending over backwards to make someone else happy? My job is to make MYSELF happy. Sounds selfish but in the end YOU are the person who is going to be left unhappy after trying to juggle the happiness of others.

That leads me to another thought…I truly don’t understand jealousy. Like, I know what it feels like to want something someone else has. But true jealousy…the envious kind. I really don’t understand it. For example, my best friends in college and I were all education majors. We all graduated and immediately started long-term sub positions. This summer we all worked our butts off to get a full time job. Out of the five of us…two landed full time jobs. I have never felt so happy for these two girls…it was almost as if I was experiencing it because we are that close. Never once did jealousy cross my mind. YES, I wanted a job more than anything in the world…but so did they and we all deserved it. There wasn’t enough to go around. My friends mean everything to me and if I acted jealous or envious what kind of friend would I be? These are smart, talented, hard-working teachers who are going to make a huge difference in kids lives. What is there to be jealous of? My time will come…and my friends will be just as happy for me. That’s what friendship is about. I now know what TRUE friendship is. It’s being genuinely happy for your friend when something goes there way…even if it’s what you wanted all along.

My mom always tells me to surround yourself with people who empower you. It’s so true. I build my friends up, they build me up. They also tell me when I am being ridiculous, because they can. I trust them and understand them. True friendship is also about being yourself. Sam taught me this. Sam is the kind of friend who will listen to me complain for hours and then ask if there is anything else i need to talk about. We are almost the same person. We both prefer to sit on the couch with some oreos rather than  go to a bar. We laugh..we cry…we whine about how fat we are. She gets me…and I get her. And you know how else I know she is a true friend? We are both genuinely happy for each other when something goes our way.

Think about your friends. Ask yourself if you can TRULY be yourself around each one of them. If your questionable…it might not be a true friend.

College taught me a lot more than differentiation, lesson plans, meeting the needs of all learners, various instructional strategies, print-rich environments, data data data, assessments, and the occasional horse and pony show..

It taught me about true friendship.

Don’t get me wrong…I have some true friends from home that I love to pieces..pheen, kim, cheryl…(you guys are my home)

And the past year has brought new friendships from work that I am sure will last a lifetime..

So that being said….value your friendships. Be happy for your friends. They love you.

Last night I made these for those smart, talented, hard-working girls I mentioned earlier…those teachers.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwiches

1 bag of peanut butter cookies…you know, the betty crocker kind.

Mix oil, water, and cookie mix.

Press batter into a 14×9 inch cake pan

Bake for 8 minutes at 350 degrees.

Pull out of oven and pour over dark chocolate chips

When chips start to melt, take a knife and spread them over the giant cookie.

When somewhat cooled (not all the way) cut into long strips vertically and then horizontally.

Take one square and make a sandwich out of it by placing it chocolate side down onto another square cookie.

Keep doing this until you have lots of chocolate cookie sandwiches!





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